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The MoSaic Approach

The World Through The Eyes of the child

How can young children's views on the worlds they inhabit become a force for change in services that affect them?

The Mosaic Approach developed by Alison Clark attempts to adapt research methodology creatively to enable young children to be able to have a voice and express their inner and outer worlds to adults, where they are taken seriously, respected and listened to.

This approach was predominantly developed for use with children under the age of 5, however, had applications for children of all ages.

The Mosaic Approach is multimethod which uses children's active participation and design in the form of tours, photographs, maps, conversations,  and observations and enable children to communicate more deeply and effectively about their worlds than words alone might communicate.


It can be creatively used and adapted to seek children's perspectives, thoughts and opinions on a wide range of issues based in the settings in which they live, learn and play.

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