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A new paradigm for Therapeutic Research

A Different Way

What if there could be a new paradigm for research that could be developed that was embedded into practice that was interesting, innovative, engaging and a collective responsibility that everybody in the field contributed to, rather than just a select few?  


What if we could develop research in the interests of enhancing our practice, both personally and collectively in the field?


What if we all actually took a leap of faith and tried something new and different, going beyond the criticisms and the fixed mindset that there is only one proper approved way to research that will be seen as credible and reclaim to use, develop and integrate methods other than the accepted ones?


What if, in a new dynamic and innovative field, the research could evolve along with it and come down to earth from the ivory tower to the playground and we could play with it together and learn from it how to care better for children and young people on both a personal and collective level? 

Why Is This Necessary?

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